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Master degree project

Ich bin ein digital storyteller

Since September 2016, I started a master degree in Digital Narratives. Yes, that means two more years of study, but I actually see it as two more years of doing exactly what I’ve been wanting to do since I finished my Bachelor in journalism. At the end of this first education, I left with mixed feelings about journalism. First, because we, the students, were constantly told that the journalistic industry was going through a crisis, meaning that there were almost no jobs. And second, because I noticed the industry’s reluctance towards digitality. We only had a short introduction to web-journalism and that was it. It is during this introduction though, that I’ve heard of web-documentaries for the first time, and saw the huge creative potential of the Internet for journalism.

My interest for digitality took me to Copenhagen, where I studied Multimedia Design and Communication. There, I learnt programming, web-design, graphic design, communication, marketing and business. And after that second education, I heard about this master degree in Digital Narratives in Germany, which I applied for and am currently attending.

This two-years master is great because it is project oriented. That means that the program and the workshops are tailored to our needs.
During the first semester, I did a lot of research about rape culture, feminism, and gender theories. And now is the time to make decision, re-center my subject and find an angle. You can follow the process here or on Twitter.

Personal projects

Léa Silva L'atelier


I had been wanting to do a portrait of my friend Léa for a long time now. She is a young jewelry artist and she created her own brand last year, Léa Silva L’atelier. In May, I was back in France and I had my camera with me. So I went to her place, and I started filming her. Her hands which are a bit damaged by the tools she uses to make her jewels. Her focused look and her beautiful eyes. And of course, her jewels which tell stories. And today, I am happy to share this portrait. Because I am so proud of her and because I think she is extremely talented! Go check her Facebook page and her etsy boutique.

Amour à la plage

Slovenia and Croatia with Amour, shot with my new camera. Summer 2016.

Saying goodbye

London Liverpool Train Station:
I had to wait for an hour.
These two were kissing for an hour.
I made a timelapse.
(with my old iPhone4 ... sorry for the bad quality...)


My friend Amélie came to visit me in Copenhagen and I made this video of her, wondering in ørestad, Amager strand and Christianshavn.
Spring 2016.


This is a little stop motion gif series I made with Harriet Ainscough Needham, origami master, in the beautiful greenhouse of Illutron, Plantasia, in Copenhagen.
Summer 2016.

Les Danois et l'amour

During my stay in Denmark I worked on a podcast series about Danish men and Love with Fanny Giordano.
The project is still in progress but here's the first interview of The one who hasn't been in love since his last girlfriend.